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Stress – The Stress Response

This course, by Dr Shanti Shanker (Bournemouth University), explores the stress response. In the first module, we think about the physiology of the stress response and whether it is generalised or stimulus specific. In the second module, we think...

6 lectures


Dr Shanti Shanker

Bournemouth University


Statistics for Psychologists – Inferential Statistics

In this course, Dr Alison Wadeley (Bath Spa University) explores the challenging subject of inferential statistics. In the first module, we think about the decision tree required to establish which non-parametric test should be used, based on the...

5 lectures


Dr Alison Wadeley

Bath Spa University

English Language

Language and Power

In this course, Professor Emma Moore (University of Sheffield) thinks about the relationship between language and power. In the first module, we think about the relationship between social class, language and power, focusing in particular on the...

6 lectures


Prof. Emma Moore

Sheffield University


Sports Psychology – Personality in Sport

This course, by Dr Anthony Miller (Staffordshire University), explores the role that personality plays in sport and exercise. In the first module, we think about different ways to measure aspects of personality, understood as an enduring trait. In...

5 lectures


Dr Anthony Miller

Staffordshire University


Sports Psychology – Self-Efficacy

This course, by Dr Jamie Barker (Loughborough University), explores self-efficacy in the context of sport and exercise performance. In the first module, we think about how self-efficacy and self-confidence are defined and differentiated. In the...

5 lectures


Dr Jamie Barker

Loughborough University


Sports Psychology – Audience Effects

This course, by Dr Matthew Slater (Staffordshire University), explores audience effects on athlete performance. In the first module, we think about the specific effects that the presence of an audience can have on athlete performance, including...

4 lectures


Dr Matthew Slater

Staffordshire University


Sociological Theories of Crime

In this course, Dr Francesca Menichelli (University of Surrey) explores sociological theories of crime. In the first module, we consider early approaches to explaining crime, particularly those from a Functionalist perspective, including Émile...

6 lectures


Dr Francesca Menichelli

Surrey University

English Language

Phonetics and Phonology

In this course, Professor Jane Setter (University of Reading) provides an introduction to phonetics and phonology. In the first module, we look at the speech chain and think about how people actually understand speech. In the two modules after...

8 lectures


Prof. Jane Setter

Reading University

English Language

Politeness Theory

In this course, Dr James Murphy (University of the West of England, Bristol) explores politeness theory. In the first module, we introduce the concept of politeness theory and think about its development from the 1970s to the present day. In the...

5 lectures


Dr James Murphy

UWE Bristol

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Ethics of War

In this course Professor Victor Tadros (University of Warwick) explores the ethics of war. In the first module, we examine the goals of war and evaluate how difficult such goals are to justify. In the second module, we look at the principles of...

6 lectures


Professor Victor Tadros

Warwick University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Religion and Science

In this course Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie (University of Edinburgh) explores the relationship between science and religion, and looks at some specific areas of debate in these fields. In the first module, we examine different views on the relationship...

6 lectures


Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie

Edinburgh University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Miracles – Philosophical Perspectives

In this course Dr Arif Ahmed (University of Cambridge) explores philosophical perspectives on miracles, with special reference to David Hume. In the first module we look at different ideas about the nature of a miracle, and introduce Hume’s...

7 lectures


Dr Arif Ahmed

Cambridge University

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