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Cold War – The Berlin Crisis, 1958-61

In this course, Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman (King's College London) discusses the Berlin Crisis. In the first module, we take at the background to the crisis in. the years that preceded it, including the Berlin Blockade. We then turn to look...

5 lectures


Prof. Sir Lawrence Freedman

King's College London


Child Psychology – Genes, the Environment and Mental Health

This course, by Professor Yulia Kovas (Goldsmiths, University of London), explores the interactions between genes, mental health, and development. In the first module, we think about what genes are from biological and conceptual perspectives. In...

5 lectures


Professor Yulia Kovas

Goldsmiths, University of London


Psychological Approaches – The Psychodynamic Approach

This course, by Dr Shanti Shanker (Bournemouth University), explores the psychodynamic approach within psychology. In the first module, we think about what the psychodynamic approach is and how the conscious and subconscious mind is divided...

5 lectures


Dr Shanti Shanker

Bournemouth University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Limits of Knowledge (Scepticism)

In this course, Dr Ema Sullivan-Bissett (University of Birmingham) explores the limits of knowledge (scepticism). In the first module, we contrast normal incredulity to philosophical scepticism, and examine various ways to remove grounds for...

7 lectures


Dr Ema Sullivan-Bissett

Birmingham University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Christian Moral Action – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In this course Dr Stephen Plant (University of Cambridge) explores the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In the first module, we look at the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the historical context in which his theology emerged. In the second...

6 lectures


Dr Stephen Plant

Cambridge University

English Literature

Dystopian Literature

In this course, Professor Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes University) provides an introduction to and overview of dystopian literature. In the first module, we introduce the concepts of 'utopia' and 'dystopia' themselves, as well as the idea of...

7 lectures


Prof. Nicole Pohl

Oxford Brookes University


Sports Psychology – Exercise and Mental Health

This course, by Dr Anthony Miller (Staffordshire University), explores the relationship between exercise and mental health. In the first module, we think about what exercise is and what mental health benefits it can bring. In the second module, we...

5 lectures


Dr Anthony Miller

Staffordshire University


Sports Psychology – Performing with Others

This course, by Dr Matthew Slater (Staffordshire University), explores how we perform with others in sport and exercise. In the first module, we think about cohesion and the factors which make up Carron’s model of cohesion. In the second module,...

5 lectures


Dr Matthew Slater

Staffordshire University


Psychological Approaches – The Humanistic Approach

This course, by Dr Cathal O’Siochru (Liverpool Hope University), explores the humanistic approach to psychology. In the first module, we think about the origin of humanistic psychology, as a response to behaviourism and psychoanalysis. In the...

5 lectures


Dr Cathal O'Siochru

Liverpool Hope University


Sports Psychology – Anxiety and Arousal

This course, by Dr Jamie Barker (Loughborough University), explores anxiety and arousal in sport and exercise. In the first module, we think about what anxiety and arousal are in the context of sport and exercise. In the second module, we think...

5 lectures


Dr Jamie Barker

Loughborough University

English Language

Accent and Dialect

In this course, Dr Chris Montgomery (University of Sheffield) explores accent and dialect variation, and also attitudes to accent and dialect variation. In the first module, we introduce some of the key terms associated with accent and dialect,...

7 lectures


Dr Chris Montgomery

Sheffield University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Wittgenstein's Language Games

In this course Dr Rupert Read (University of East Anglia) explores Wittgenstein’s language games, with special reference to religious language and belief. In the first module, we introduce language games in the context of Wittgenstein’s...

6 lectures


Dr Rupert Read

University of East Anglia

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