Russia: The Revolution of 1917

In this module, Dr Andy Willimott (Queen Mary, University of London) explores the Russian Revolution(s) of 1917. We begin in the first module by thinking about the events of 1917, from the final months of the First World War to the deposition of the ...

Dr Andy Willimott

Queen Mary, University of London


Theory of Mind

In this course, Professor Peter Mitchell (University of Nottingham) discusses how we acquire a theory of mind, i.e. the ability to make inferences about the mental states of others. We begin, in module one, by exploring what we mean by the term ‘theory ...

Prof. Peter Mitchell

Nottingham University

English Literature

Waters: The Little Stranger

In this course, Professor Lucie Armitt (University of Lincoln) explores Sarah Waters’ 2009 novel, the Little Stranger. We begin by thinking about the novel as a haunted house narrative, focusing in particular on what, if anything, the house is actually ...

Prof. Lucie Armitt

Lincoln University

English Literature

Wilde: An Ideal Husband

In this course, Professor Anne Varty (Royal Holloway, University of London) explores Oscar Wilde’s 1895 drama, An Ideal Husband. We begin by thinking about the structure of the play, focusing in particular on the ways in which Wilde both conforms ...

Prof. Anne Varty

Royal Holloway, London



In this course, Professor Linda Gask (University of Manchester) discusses the topic of depression. We begin by thinking about what depression is and how it can be diagnosed in module one. We then look at a number of different models of ...

Prof. Linda Gask

Manchester University

Government & Politics

Politics in Northern Ireland, 1921-Present

In this course, Dr Catherine McGlynn (University of Huddersfield) explores the politics of Northern Ireland, from the opening of the first Northern Irish Parliament in 1921 to the present day. We begin in the first module by tracing the history of conflict ...

Dr Catherine McGlynn

Huddersfield University

Government & Politics

The Presidency of Barack Obama, 2009-2017

In this course, Dr Clodagh Harrington (De Montfort University) examines the presidency of Barack Obama. We begin in the first module with Obama’s strategy and performance in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries and then the ...

Dr Clodagh Harrington

De Montfort University

Government & Politics


In this course, Professor Matthew Humphrey (University of Nottingham) thinks about ecologism as a political ideology by surveying five key thinkers to illustrate both the diversity of ecological thought, and its core unifying themes. We begin in the first ...

Prof. Matthew Humphrey

Nottingham University


Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

In this course, Dr Richard O’Connor (University of Hull) discusses Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. We begin, in module one, by getting to grips with the key concepts of Piaget’s theory, including his proposed stages of cognitive development, ...

Dr Richard O'Connor

Hull University



In this course, Dr Claire Lawrence (University of Nottingham) discusses the psychology of aggression and aggressive behaviour. We begin, in module one, by thinking about the genetic basis for aggression, associated with the so-called ...

Dr Claire Lawrence

Nottingham University


Learning Theories

In this course, Mr Martyn Quigley (University of Nottingham) discusses some classic psychological theories of learning. We begin, in module one, by thinking about the research of Ivan Pavlov and his theory of classical conditioning as a form of ...

Mr Martyn Quigley

Nottingham University


Eating Behaviour

In this course, Professor Jane Ogden (University of Surrey) discusses eating behaviour and its related problems. We begin by exploring why we eat what we eat, focussing on cognitive and developmental models of food preferences in module one and the ...

Prof. Jane Ogden

Surrey University