Germany - Before the War, 1871-1918

In this course, Professor Matthew Jefferies (University of Manchester) looks at Germany during the period before the First World War. In the first module, we explore what Germany was like in 1914, particularly how the country was geographically...

5 lectures


Prof. Matthew Jefferies

Manchester University


Medicine Through Time - Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine, 1749-1823

In this course, Dr Robert Gaynes (Emory University) looks at smallpox and Edward Jenner’s development of the smallpox vaccine. In the first module, we focus on the disease smallpox, its origin and its symptomatic progression. In the second module,...

6 lectures


Dr Robert Gaynes

Emory University


Germany - Weimar and Nazi Culture, 1918-45

In this course, Professor David Imhoof (Susquehanna University) explores German culture between the years 1918-45. In the first module, we think about the relationship between culture and politics in this period, focusing in particular upon the...

5 lectures


Professor David Imhoof

Susquehanna University


Germany - The First World War, 1914-18

In this course, Professor Belinda Davis (Rutgers University) looks at Germany during the First World War. In the first module, we consider why Germany went to war, and who wanted war. In the second module, we outline the basic elements of the...

5 lectures


Professor Belinda Davis

Rutgers University


Germany – Persecution and the Holocaust, 1933-45

In this course, Professor Mary Fulbrook (UCL) examines Nazi Persecution and the Holocaust from 1933 to 1945. In the first module, we look at some of the key historical debates that historians have tackled in relation to Nazi persecution and the...

5 lectures


Prof. Mary Fulbrook



Cold War – Early Tension Between East and West, 1917-1946

In this course, Dr Andrew Johnstone (University of Leicester) discusses early tension between the United States and the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1945. In the first module, we will explore the early differences between the US and USSR and the...

5 lectures


Dr Andrew Johnstone

Leicester University


Germany - The Consequences of War, 1945

In this course, Professor Richard Bessel (University of York) explores the consequences of the Second World War in Germany. In the first module, we think about the final battles that took place towards the end of the Second World War. After that,...

6 lectures


Professor Richard Bessel

York University


Cold War – The Berlin Crisis, 1958-61

In this course, Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman (King's College London) discusses the Berlin Crisis. In the first module, we take at the background to the crisis in. the years that preceded it, including the Berlin Blockade. We then turn to look...

5 lectures


Prof. Sir Lawrence Freedman

King's College London


Cold War - Origins, 1945-50

In this course, Professor Andrew Preston (University of Cambridge) discusses the origins of the Cold War from 1945 until 1950. We start by looking at the Cold War as a whole and also explore how the Cold War has been viewed by historians over the...

6 lectures


Prof. Andrew Preston

Cambridge University


US History - Failure of Compromise, 1848-61

In this course, Professor Nicole Etcheson (Ball State University) explores the failures of compromise between North and South during the 1850s. In the first module, we examine the question of whether there could be a compromise on slavery at all....

15 lectures


Prof. Nicole Etcheson

Ball State University


US History – The New Deal, 1932-39

In this course, Professor Eric Rauchway (UC, Davis) discusses the New Deal. We start by looking at the economic conditions of the election year of 1932. After this, we compare and contrast the beliefs and motivations of the two candidates of the...

4 lectures


Prof. Eric Rauchway

UC Davis


US History – American Culture, 1754-1800

In this course, Professor Zara Anishanslin (University of Delaware) examines American culture from 1754 to 1800. In the first module, we answer the question "What is an American?". After this, we focus in on the development of American...

5 lectures


Prof. Zara Anishanslin

University of Delaware

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