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Biology   >   The Ecology of Grassland

What is Grassland?

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The Ecology of Grassland

In this course, Dr Bethan Stagg (University of Exeter) talks about the ecology of grassland. We begin by (i) defining the significance and characteristics of grassland ecology; (ii) the adaptations of grassland species to humans and the environment; (iii) how plant abundance is researched and investigated; before finally (iv) thinking about the human impacts of grassland management.

What is Grassland?

In this lecture, we introduce the course by discussing the significance and characteristics of grasslands. Ecosystems dominated by grasses cover a significant portion of the Earth’s surface and are found on every continent except Antarctica. We explore the different names for grasslands, their formation, and their roles in biodiversity, climate regulation and agriculture. We then see the diverse range of species within grasslands, influenced by soil type and management practices.

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Dr Bethan Stagg

Dr Bethan Stagg

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