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The Tudors – The Golden Age of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603

In this course, Professor Susan Doran (University of Oxford) explores the idea of the reign of Elizabeth I as a ‘golden age’ through six key questions: (1) Why has Elizabeth's reign been seen as a Golden Age?; (2) Did Elizabeth's reign ‘settle’...

6 lectures


Prof. Susan Doran

Oxford University


Classics & Ancient History


In this course, Professor Neville Morley (University of Bristol) explores Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, focusing on the key episodes in the text and thinking in particular about some of the historiographical issues that modern...

7 lectures


Prof. Neville Morley

Exeter University


Russia: The Great Terror, 1936-38

In this course, Professor James Harris (University of Leeds) thinks about the Great Terror, Stalin’s campaign of political repression between 1936-38 that left more than 750,000 dead. In the first module, we think about the sources available for...

7 lectures


Prof. James Harris

Leeds University


The Tudors – Elizabeth I and the Catholic Problem, 1558-1603

In this course, Professor John Morrill (University of Cambridge) thinks about the treatment of Catholics during the reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603). The course begins by thinking about Elizabeth's own religious beliefs, focusing in particular at...

6 lectures


Prof. John Morrill

Cambridge University


The End of the British Empire, 1945-1968

In this course, Dr Simon Potter (University of Bristol) explores the final decades of the British Empire, from the end of the Second World War in 1945 to Britain’s withdrawal of troops “East of Suez”, announced by Harold Wilson in...

6 lectures


Dr Simon Potter

Bristol University


The Sectional Crisis in the United States, 1848-61

In this course, Dr Kevin Waite (University of Durham) explores the Sectional Crisis of 1848-61, the period of rising tensions between the free states of the American North and the slave states of the American South, which eventually led to...

7 lectures


Dr Kevin Waite

Durham University


The Tudors – Religion and the Church, 1509-1603

In this course, Dr Jonathan Willis (University of Birmingham) explores religion and the church in Tudor England through six key questions: (1) To what extent was criticism of the Late Medieval Catholic Church the main reason for the growth of...

6 lectures


Dr Jonathan Willis

Birmingham University


Germany – The Early Years of the Weimar Republic, 1918-23

In this course, Dr Nadine Rossol (University of Essex) explores the early years of the Weimar Republic (1918-23). In the first module, we trace events in the final years in the First World War up to the events in Kiel in late October/early...

8 lectures


Dr Nadine Rossol

Essex University


Germany – Nazi Germany, 1933-45

In this course, Dr Lisa Pine (London South Bank University) explores several aspects of Nazi Germany. In the first module, we think about the rise of Nazism from the foundation of the DAP (later the NSDAP) in 1919 to Hitler's appointment as...

6 lectures


Dr Lisa Pine

London South Bank University


Germany – The Weimar Republic, 1918-33

In this course, Professor Matthew Stibbe (Sheffield Hallam University) explores Weimar Germany through twelve key questions: (1) Was Weimar Germany doomed to fail from the start?; (2) Why did Weimar fail in the early 1930s?; (3) How much of a...

12 lectures


Prof. Matthew Stibbe

Sheffield Hallam University


The 1848 Revolutions

In this course, Dr Michael Rapport (University of Glasgow) explores the series of revolutions that arose in Europe in 1848-49. We begin by considering the medium- to long-term origins of the 1848 Revolutions, thinking in particular about the...

6 lectures


Dr Michael Rapport

Glasgow University


The Crusader States and the Fall of Jerusalem, c.1160-87

In this course, Dr Nicholas Morton (Nottingham Trent University) explores events in the Holy Land between the end of the Second Crusade and the fall of Jerusalem in 1187. In the first module, we focus on the Turkish commander Nur...

4 lectures


Dr Nicholas Morton

Nottingham Trent University


Russia: The Ukrainian Famine, 1932-33

In this course, Dr Mark Levene (Univerity of Southampton) explores the events surrounding the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 – an event also known as Holodomor. We begin in the first module by providing a broad introduction to the events ...

6 lectures


Dr Mark Levene

Southampton University


The Second Crusade, 1144-48

In this course, Dr Nicholas Morton (Nottingham Trent University) explores the Second Crusade (1144-48). We start by thinking about the origins of the Second Crusade, focusing in particular on the fall of Edessa at the hands of Zengi. In the...

5 lectures


Dr Nicholas Morton

Nottingham Trent University

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