Social Psychology
This playlist brings together several courses on topics in social psychology, including obedience, conformity, prejudice, helping and help-seeking and the social cure.
What this playlist includes:
29 lectures across 5 courses.
All resources designed and delivered by university academics and researchers.
Self-marking quizzes for all lectures, as well as an end-of-topic quiz.
Reading lists, essay questions and extension activities.
Courses and Lectures
1. Obedience
Dr Stephen Gibson
York St John University
2. Conformity
Mr Kevin Silber
Derby University
3. Prejudice
Dr Juliet Wakefield
Nottingham Trent University
4. Helping and Help-Seeking
Dr Juliet Wakefield
Nottingham Trent University
5. The Social Cure
Dr Mhairi Bowe
Nottingham Trent University
5.2. Early Research – 05:55
5.3. New Approaches – 07:47
5.4. Practical Application – 05:29
5.5. Social Curses – 06:31
5.6. Summary – 01:36
What Next?