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Issues and Debates – Cross Cultural Psychological Research

3. Addressing the Emic Perspective

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In this lecture, we think about the ways in which researchers have addressed the current emic perspective of much of psychology, focusing in particular on: (i) the establishment of the five key personality factors; (ii) the lexical hypothesis, which proposes that important differences between groups of people become part of their language, and that important factors in culture will have more words to represent them than less important factors; (iii) the role of vocabulary in characteristics, such as a personality trait; (iv) the failings of existing intelligence tests, including their omissions of social skills assessments and culturally specific intelligences; (v) the role that paper completion of personality tests has on results, when compared to the computerised versions that are typically completed in Western countries.


In this course, Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya (University of Birmingham) explores cross cultural psychological research. In the first lecture, we think about how we understand culture in the context of psychological research. In the second lecture, we think about what differences exist between cultures which psychological researchers might study, and the traditional consideration of psychology as an emic science. In the third lecture, we think about some ways in which researchers have tried to include different cultures in their studies and the failures that this process has given rise to. Next, we think about the presence and consequences of cultural differences in developmental and clinical psychology. In the fifth lecture, we think about how culture can impact cognition, perception, and social psychology, with a specific focus on collectivist versus individualistic cultural viewpoints. In the sixth and final lecture, we think about debates which exist in the field of cross cultural psychology, and whether the subject can be considered racist, given its continued ignorance of non-western cultures.


Dr Ayoub Bouguettaya is a lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Dr Bouguettaya’s research interests are in social psychology and how knowledge from that field can be applied to others, particularly health, including how we can apply social identity theory to societal problems, as well as investigating the different perspectives one might take on those issues. Some of Dr Bouguettaya’s recent publications include 'The relationship between gambling advertising and gambling attitudes, intentions and behaviours: a critical and meta-analytic review' (2020) and 'The Effect of a Food Addiction Explanation Model for Weight Control and Obesity on Weight Stigma' (2020).

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