Creative Writing
In this course, the novelist Anthony Cartwright (UWE, winner of the Betty Trask Award for his 2004 novel, The Afterglow) introduces some techniques for improving creative writing, both descriptive and narrative. In the first two modules, we think about the relationship between what we are writing about (= content) and the way it is written (= form). In the third module, we introduce a simple technique for coming up with a landscape or setting for our writing, before turning in the fourth and fifth modules to consider the relationship between different objects in our landscape, and the different perspectives of the various characters. In the sixth module, we explore how verb choice can enliven a piece of descriptive or narrative writing, before turning in the seventh and final module to consider how we can go from a descriptive piece of writing (e.g. a man on a bus) to a narrative piece of writing.
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Courses and Lectures
1. Creative Writing
Mr Anthony Cartwright
UWE Bristol
1.1. Form and Content – 11:01
1.3. Creating a Setting – 09:32
1.4. Relationships – 06:17
1.5. Perspectives – 11:03
1.6. Verb Choice – 14:15
2. Creative Writing
Mr Edmund Gordon
King's College London
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