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Medicine Through Time - The English Medical Renaissance: A Gendered Perspective

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Professor Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins University) looks at women’s role in the English Medical Renaissance, spanning from 1400-1800. In the first module, we look at who practiced medicine in early modern Europe. In the second module, we consider the impact that the invention of the printing press had on the medical marketplace in 16th-century Europe, before in the third module turning to think about the impact of the invention of medical journals on Europe’s medical marketplace.

About the Lecturer

Professor Mary Fissell is Professor of the History of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University. She is an expert on the interaction between ordinary people and health in the early modern period, in particular being interested in connecting the histories of gender and the body with those of the medical marketplace. Some of her publications include Vernacular Bodies: The Politics of Reproduction in Early Modern England (2007) and Patients, Power and the Poor in Eighteenth-Century Bristol (1991).

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