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History   >   Germany – The Rise of the Nazi Party, 1918-33


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Germany – The Rise of the Nazi Party, 1918-33

In this course, Professor Sir Richard J. Evans (University of Cambridge) discusses the rise of the Nazi Party from 1918-33. In the the first module, we'll set out the entire period with a timeline of crucial events. In the following modules, we'll then go on to answer some key questions: (i) did proportional representation cause political instability? (ii) did the power and personality of the President undermine the Republic? (iii) was the Weimar Republic undermined by inflation? (iv) was the Republic destroyed by the Depression? (v) did Hitler come to power legally?


In this module, we take a look at the timeline of events for Hitler gaining power in Germany. We'll start by looking at Adolf Hitler's birth in Braunau, Austria and his early life as a failed artist and then soldier. We'll end by exploring how the Nazi Party grew to turn the Weimar Republic into a dictatorship by 1933.

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Prof. Sir Richard Evans

Prof. Sir Richard Evans

University of Cambridge