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Philosophy & Religious Studies   >   Anselm on God, Eternity and Free Will

Introducing Anselm

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Anselm on God, Eternity and Free Will

In this course, Professor John Marenbon (University of Cambridge) explores Anselm’s response to the problem of prescience. In the first module, we introduce some background to the life and work of Anselm of Canterbury. In the second module, we look at medieval conceptions of time, eternity, and their relation to God. In the third module examine Anselm’s views on divine eternity as presented in the Monologium. In the fourth module we examine the background to Anselm’s solution to the problem of prescience, before going on to explain his solution based on the difference between antecedent and subsequent necessity in the fifth module. In the sixth and final module, we compare and contrast Anselm and Boethius’ ideas about necessity and the reception of these ideas from subsequent philosophers in the medieval period.

Introducing Anselm

In this module, we introduce Anselm, focusing in particular on (i) Anselm’s early life and education (ii) Anselm’s theological career and exile (iii) Anselm’s major works (iv) Anselm’s attitude the authority of his predecessors (vi) the uniqueness of Anslem’s work.

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Prof. John Marenbon

Prof. John Marenbon

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