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Medicine Through Time – Arabic Medicine, c. 800-1200

In this course, Professor Peter Pormann (University of Manchester) explores how medicine was practiced in the Medieval Arabic world. In the first module, we look at the Baghdad translation movement of the 9th century. We then turn to consider how...

6 lectures


Prof. Peter Pormann

Manchester University


Medicine Through Time - The English Medical Renaissance, 1400-1800

In this course, Professor Harold Cook (Brown University) looks at the Medical Renaissance in England, spanning from 1400-1800. In the first module, we consider what the English Medical Renaissance was, looking at the changes that occurred in...

6 lectures


Prof Harold Cook

Brown University


Medicine Through Time - The Black Death, 1346-52

In this course, Dr John Aberth (Castleton State College) explores approaches to the treatment of the Black Death and attempts to stop its spread. In the first module, we use a re-enactment to look at how the fourteenth century medical student...

5 lectures


Dr John Aberth

Independent Scholar

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