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Global Crime

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Transnational and Environmental Crime

In this course, Professor Tanya Wyatt (Northumbria University) explores transnational and environmental crime. In the first lecture, we think about globalisation and the emergence of global crime. In the second lecture, we explore the links between capitalism and crime. In the third lecture, we turn to the development of transnational policing. Next, we look at transitional policing today. In the fifth lecture, we begin to explore the concept of green criminology. In the sixth and final lecture, we look at some concrete examples of green crimes.

Global Crime

In this lecture, we introduce the concept of global crime, the kind of crime that emerges from an increasingly 'globalised' world, focusing in particular on: (i) the definition of globalisation; (ii) some of the impacts of globalisation; (iii) the connection between globalisation and crime; and (iv) the scale of global crime.

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