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Topical Language Issues

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Mr Dan Clayton (Independent Scholar) explores a variety of linguistic issues related to the use of the English language. In the first module, we think about why people take language so seriously, and why debates about its 'correct' use can get so heated. In the second module, we explore the debate about what (if anything) constitutes 'correct' English, before turning in the third module to the perceived negative effect of technology on language. In the fourth module, we think about the policing of language for reasons of 'political correctness' (or 'wokeness'), while in the fifth module we think about taboo lexis more generally, including attitudes to swearing and other discriminatory or insulting language. In the sixth and final module, we think about attitudes to accents, including the perception that some accents are 'better' than others.

About the Lecturer

Dan Clayton taught English for fifteen years, first at Colchester Sixth Form College and then at St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College in south London. His main interests are in English Language A level and the teaching of English Language in secondary schools.

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