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English Literature   >   The Poetry of John Donne

Donne's Love Poetry

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The Poetry of John Donne

In this course, we explore the poetry of John Donne, thinking in particular about poetic language and style, the issues that preoccupied him throughout his life and career, and the extent to which we can understand John Donne the man from his poetry. The course includes discussion of a number of Donne’s most famous poems, including both love poems (e.g. ‘The Flea’, ‘The Sun Rising’, ‘The Good-Morrow’, etc.) and his religious poems (e.g. ‘The Holy Sonnets’, ‘Hymn to God the Father’, etc.)

Donne's Love Poetry

In this module, we think about Donne’s poetry about love, focusing in particular on the poems ‘The Sun Rising’, ‘The Good Morrow’ and ‘The Canonization’. In particular, we explore the theme as love as a force that can transcend space and time, as well as thinking about the relationship of the private world of the lovers to the public world of everybody else.

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