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Methods of Analysis

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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Dr Giorgio Chianello (QMUL) introduces to us the methods of analysis that chemists use in the laboratory to identify atoms, molecules and compounds. We begin by: (i) discussing melting point analysis; and (ii) chromatography techniques; before (iii) introducing the term “spectroscopy” and the information we can gather from IR spectroscopy; followed by (iv) UV/Vis spectroscopy, and distinguishing their differences; then (v) looking at mass spectrometry, how it works and sample spectra; and finally (vi) more advanced methods of analysis you may encounter in future studies. Note: NMR spectroscopy is not discussed here since it is covered in another lecture in more depth.

About the Lecturer

Dr. Giorgio Chianello is a fully qualified Lecturer in Chemistry (PhD, FHEA, MRSC) and outreach lead at the Chemistry department of Queen Mary University of London. His interests are focused in the area of chemistry and science dissemination. His scientific background is based on nanotechnology and drug delivery, however he is currently involved in educational research focusing on new teaching technologies and enhancement on inclusion and diversity within the scientific community.

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