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Memory – Remembering and Forgetting

5. Current Research

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In this lecture, we think about some current research in the memory field, focusing in particular on: (i) Baddeley and Hitch’s working memory model and its continuous revisions; (ii) Susan Gathercole’s work, which looks to use theory from the working memory model to improve children’s learning performance; (iii) consolidation, as the process of creating connections with which memories transition into the long-term memory store; (iv) multi-level consolidation, including the long-term storage processing which occurs during sleep; (v) the evolutionary function of memory, which includes remembering sites of food availability and danger, all centred around spatial navigation; (vi) Maguire’s study, which found enlarged hippocampi in London taxi drivers; (vii) a current proposal that the hippocampus is recording location-based imagery, which assists in episodic memory by enabling a timeline of events to be created, using these images as reference points.


In this course, Dr Ashok Jansari (Goldsmiths, University of London) explores the processes of remembering and forgetting. In the first lecture, we think about what memory is and how it can be conceptualised. In the second lecture, we think about some key individual differences in memory performance, including the impacts of physical and emotional states. In the third lecture, we think about how studying individuals with specific, acquired brain damage can help researchers better understand memory. Next, we think about amnesia, both in healthy ageing and through neurodegenerative disorders. In the fifth and final lecture, we think about some current research in the field of memory.


Dr Ashok Jansari is a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London. Dr Jansari’s research interests include memory disorders, prosopagnosia, executive functions, and synaesthesia. Dr Jansari is most famous for his research into prosopagnosia, having made numerous TV appearances, including on BBC1’s The One Show, as well as hosting his own ‘Neuro Talk’ YouTube channel:

Some of Dr Jansari's recent publications include 'Acquired synaesthesia following 2C-B use' (2019), 'Using virtual reality to investigate multitasking ability in individuals with frontal lobe lesions' (2019), and 'Identification from CCTV: Assessing police super-recogniser ability to spot faces in a crown and susceptibility to change blindness' (2018).

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