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About this Course

About the Course

In this course, Professor Paul Noordhof (University of York) explores materialism. In the first module, we introduce materialism by explaining matter and the meaning of composition. In the second module, we examine various arguments for materialism from behaviourism, functionalism, and eliminative materialism. In the third module, we look at problems with materialism expressed in the qualia/knowledge and zombie modal arguments, before turning to materialist responses to these arguments in the fourth module. In the fifth module, we examine the nature of material facts and the idea of hidden material properties. In the sixth and final module, we explore the theory of representation and phenomenal consciousness.

About the Lecturer

Professor Paul Noordhof is a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York. his research interests are in mind and metaphysics. His recent publications include Explaining impossible and possible imaginings of pain (2021) and The Clinical Significance of Anomalous Experiences in the Explanation of Monothematic Delusion (2021)

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