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Marxisms and Liberation Theologies

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Marx and Liberation Theology

In this course, Professor Tim Gorringe (University of Exeter) explores Marx and liberation theology. In the first module, we explore the roots and varieties of Marxisms and liberation theologies. In the second module, we examine the significance of developments of Marxist thought in Europe for Latin American Liberation theology. In the third lecture, we look at the influence of Marx on liberation theology, before comparing and contrasting Marxist ideas with liberation theology in the fourth module. In the fifth module, we examine the ways in which liberation theology owes nothing to Marx. In the sixth and final lecture, we investigate the relevance of liberation theology and Marx today and consider the future for liberation theology and Marxism.

Marxisms and Liberation Theologies

In this module, we investigate the variety of Marxisms and liberation theologies, focusing in particular on (i) the origins of liberation theology movements (ii) the development of liberation theology movements (iii) The 1984 Vatican Instruction on some aspects of Liberation Theology (iv) contrasting perspectives of Latin American theologies (v) the Vatican Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith’s response to liberation theology (vi) Karl Marx’s historical materialism and dialectic (vii) the transformation of Marx’s thought into dialectical materialism (viii) Stalin’s work on dialectical materialism as a catechism in Russia, and its lasting effect up to the end of Soviet communism.

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