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The Unemployment Rate

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Macro – Unemployment

In this course, Dr Ramin Nassehi (University College London) explores the topic on unemployment. In the first module, we explore what the unemployment rate is. After this, we look at cyclical and demand-side unemployment. From there, we explore the topic of structural and supply-side unemployment. Then, we look at what frictional unemployment is. In the penultimate module, we look in more detail at the natural rate of unemployment. And finally, we explore why the quality of employment is important to macroeconomic health.

The Unemployment Rate

In this module, we explore what the unemployment rate is. In particular, we will focus on: (i) what unemployment is and why it is a problem; (ii) what is the unemployment rate and why it is important: (iii) an example to explain what the unemployment rate is; and (iv) defining the unemployment rate.

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