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Economics   >   Macro – Supply-Side Policies


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Macro – Supply-Side Policies

In this course, Dr Ramin Nassehi (University College London) discusses supply-side policies. In the first module, we introduce the key ideas of supply-side economics. After this, we introduce the two schools of thought in supply-side economics. Then, we look at free-market supply-side economics in more detail. In the fourth module, we look at the macroeconomic implications of free market supply-side economics. In the penultimate module, we focus on the interventionist supply-side school and how it differs from the free-market school. Finally, we look at the policies and critiques of interventionist supply-side economics.


In this module, we introduce the key ideas of supply-side economics. In particular, we will focus on: (i) the key questions that supply-side economists focus on, such as how can we foster more innovation within our economy; (ii) why supply-side economics is relevant to our economy today and the stagnation of growth in the UK; (iii) the absence of innovation in many regions of the UK, including the idea of levelling up; and (iv) how demand-side economics works and how this is different from the supply-side.

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