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Gregor Mendel - 3.11B

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Genetic Variation

In this course, Dr Matt Ivory (Cardiff University) introduces genetic variation, covering topics 3.11B-3.20 in the Pearson Edexcel GCSE Biology (9-1) Higher Specification. We begin by: (i) describing the work of Gregor Mendel and his work to understand variation and inheritance in pea plants (Topic 3.11B); and (ii) explain why there are differences in the inherited characteristics as a result of alleles, explaining key terms in the field (Topic 3.12, 3.13); before (iii) discussing describing and practising monohybrid inheritance using different representations (Topic 3.14, 3.16); before (iv) understanding some complexities of sex-linked inheritance and codominance (Topic 3.15, 3.17B, 3.18B, 3.19); and finally (v) take a look at the ways that phenotype can vary as a result of genetic and environmental variation (Topic 3.20).

Gregor Mendel - 3.11B

In the first mini-lecture, we discuss the history of our understanding of inheritance, as brought up in topics 3.11B of the Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Biology specification. We describe Gregor Mendel, a monk from the 19th century, and his work discovering the basis of genetics and recognise the difficulties of understanding inheritance before the mechanism was discovered. We analyse his work with pea plants with different characteristics, including plant height, flower colour, seed colour and seed shape to uncover genes and alleles, the genetic code responsible for these traits. To finish off, we learn about what Mendel concluded from this research by looking at his three laws of inheritance.

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Dr Matthew Ivory

Dr Matthew Ivory

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