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Gender and Theology

5. Comparing Ruether and Daly’s Feminist Theologies

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In this module, we compare and contextualise Ruether and Daly’s feminist theologies, focusing in particular on (i) second-wave feminsim establishing feminist theology as an academic discipline (ii) the effect of the Vatican II reforms on the participation of Catholic women in theological discourse (iii) Ruether’s focus on repairing the tradition through inclusive intersectionality and liberation (iv) Daly’s rejection of patriarchal religion through transvaluation (v) striking a balance between reform and rejection (vi) divine transcendence encompassing the idea that God is beyond all gender in contemporary feminist theology (vi) debates between Daly and margianlised women, such as Audre Lorde, on the basis of Daly’s binary view of gender and exclusion of minorities.


In this course, Dr Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft (University of Cambridge) explores gender and theology. In the first module we introduce the relationship between gender, feminism, and theology. In the second module, we consider feminist theology in relation to the doctrine of God. In the third module we examine Rosemary Radford Ruether’s feminist theology, before turning to Mary Daly’s theology in the fourth module. In the fifth module we compare and contextualise the feminist theologies of Ruether and Daly. In the sixth and final module, we examine feminist theological engagement with scripture.


Dr Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft is a lecturer in Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion at the University of Cambridge. Her research interests lie at the intersections of theology, philosophy, literature, and intellectual history, particularly in late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century thought. Her recent publications include The Veiled God : Friedrich Schleiermacher's Theology of Finitude (2019) and 'On Gender and Theology in the Mode of Retrieval’ in Theologies of Retrieval (2017).

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