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Gender and Society

2. Feminism and the Changing Role of Gender

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In this module, we explore feminism and changing views of gender, focusing in particular on (i) feminist responses to patriarchy (ii) the history of feminism in ‘waves’ (iii) the importance of intersectionality in feminist thought.


In this course, Dr Nicole Graham (University of Kent) explores the relationship between gender and society in religious thought. In the first module, we consider the relationship between religion, gender and society with special attention to the influence of feminism. In the second module, we examine the history around feminism and changing roles of gender. In the third module, we look at the relationship between feminism, Christianity and secularism, both historically and within contemporary society. In the fourth module, we look at biblical teaching on gender roles in the family and society, before turning our attention to Christian responses to secular views on gender roles in the fifth module. In the sixth and final module, we explore the emergence of intersectionality, and its significance to understand the interrelations between social structures and religious life.


Dr Nicole Graham is an associate lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Kent. Her research interests include humour and religion, the body, ethics, and feminism. She has recently published “Laughing With ’Horrible’ People: Reaffirming Ethical Boundaries Through Laughter”, in Ethics in Comedy: Essays on Crossing the Line (2020), and Opponent or Advocate?: Exploring Clement of Alexandria’s Attitude(s) Towards Laughter”, in Humour in the Beginning: Cultural Interaction of Laughter and the Comic in the First Phase of Asian religions, Christianity and Islam (2020).

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