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Gender and Media

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About this Course

About the Course

In this lecture, Dr Christina Scharff (King’s College London) looks at gender and media. In the first module, we look at what gender means. After this, we look at how gender intersects with neoliberalism. Then, we explore the topic of postfeminism and neoliberal feminism. In the penultimate module, we look at digital feminism in more detail. Finally, we explore gender and work in the cultural and creative industries.

About the Lecturer

Dr Christina Scharff is a reader in Gender, media and culture at King’s College London. She specialises in exploring gender, media and culture from an international perspective, through theoretically informed empirical research, and collaboration with colleagues and students. With this in mind, she has published widely, including Digital Feminisms: Transnational Activism in German Protest Cultures and Gender, Subjectivity, and Cultural Work: The classical music profession.