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Key Concepts

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In this module, Dr Shelley Budgeon (University of Birmingham) explores feminism and some of the core ideas that constitute feminist thought. In the first module, we introduce some of the key concepts that are important in contemporary feminist theory. After that, in the following two modules, we think about the history of feminism, beginning in the second module with an exploration of first- and second-wave feminism and turning in the third module to Marxist and Postmodernist approaches to feminism. In the fourth module, we think about the concept of intersectionality, one of the most important developments in feminist thought of the past twenty years. In the fifth module, we think about how we theorise masculinity and the role masculinity plays in gender inequality. Finally, in the sixth module, we explore some of the current debates in feminism today – its achievements, what still needs to be done, and where we might be going next.

Key Concepts

In this module, we explore some of the key concepts that are important in contemporary feminist theory, including: (i) sex, gender, and biological determinism; (ii) the concepts of patriarchy and androcentricity; (iii) gender identity and sexual identity, and the relation between the two; (iv) the idea of gender roles and gender stereotypes; and (v) the concepts of transgender, cisgender, and non-binary.

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Dr Shelley Budgeon

Dr Shelley Budgeon

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