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Psychology   >   Environmental Psychology – Territorial Behaviours

Territorial Behaviours: What, Where and When?

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Environmental Psychology – Territorial Behaviours

In this course, Dr Jérémy Lemoine (University of East London) explores concepts of territorial behaviours and personalisation in the workplace. In the first lecture, we think about what personalisation and territorial behaviours are, as well as where and when they are used. In the second lecture, we think about why people engage in territorial behaviours and personalisation. In the third lecture, we think about some positive and negative consequences of employees engaging in these behaviours. Next, we think about some differences between men and women in how these behaviours are performed. In the fifth and final lecture, we think about how an understanding of these behaviours can be used to improve employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, and work performance.

Territorial Behaviours: What, Where and When?

In this lecture, we think about the what, where and when of territory and personal-space related behaviours, focusing in particular on: (i) a typical office practice of decluttering by removing any objects not directly related to work, which may have a negative impact on occupant wellbeing; (ii) work demand, time pressure, emotional demand and relationships as factors which can affect employee wellbeing and distress in the workplace; (iii) defining personalisation and territorial behaviours; (iv) the use of territorial behaviours throughout life, from children decorating their bedrooms to adults modifying their cars; (v) examples of personalisation in the office, including placing pictures on a desk or names on a door.

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Dr Jérémy Lemoine

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