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Eating Behaviour – Related Problems

2. The Weight Concern Model

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This module discusses an alternative theory of eating behaviour to the cognitive and developmental models discussed in module one: the Weight Concern Model, a theory which looks at eating behaviour in relation to the complex cultural meanings that food and body weight have taken on in our society. We think about body dissatisfaction as a cultural phenomenon linked to these meanings and how we have turned to dieting as a way of imposing a cognitive limit on our food intake. We then look at a classic study by Herman and Mack (1975) which suggests that the intention to diet conversely often leads to an increased food intake. Finally, we consider how this paradoxical effect might be explained and what problems this might pose to us if we want to lose weight.


In this course, Professor Jane Ogden (University of Surrey) discusses eating behaviour and its related problems. We begin by exploring why we eat what we eat, focussing on cognitive and developmental models of food preferences in module one and the Weight Concern Model in module two. We then think about eating disorders, exploring the causes of anorexia in module three and obesity in module four. Finally, modules five and six consider available treatments for these disorders.


After completing her PhD at the Institute of Psychology in London, Jane Ogden lectured first at Middlesex University and then at Guy's and St Thomas Medical Schools. She joined the University of Surrey in 2005 and carries out research in the areas of eating behaviour and obesity management, aspects of women's health, communication in the health care consultation and the experience of medical procedures.

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