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Differentiation Rules

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Differentiation II

In this course, Professor Samir Siksek (University of Warwick) continues his discussion of differentiation for A-Level students in the second of his three-course series on this topic. In the first mini-lecture, we introduce important differentiation rules, including the product rule and the quotient rule. In the second mini-lecture, we practice applying the differentiation rules on trigonometric functions. In the third mini-lecture, we learn how to identify where a function is increasing and where it is decreasing using the derivative. In the fourth mini-lecture, we introduce stationary points, local maxima, and local minima.

Differentiation Rules

In this mini-lecture, we consider important differentiation rules, focusing in particular on: (i) how to take the derivative of a constant times a function, the sum of two functions, and the difference of two functions; (ii) the product rule and the quotient rule; (iii) an example of how to determine which points on a given function have a specified gradient; and (iv) some differentiation exercises for students to try on their own.

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Prof. Samir Siksek

Prof. Samir Siksek

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