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Characteristics of the UK Population

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Demography of the UK

In this course, Dr Katherine Keenan (University of St Andrews) introduces to us demographics in the UK, characteristics of the UK population and how this has changed in the past 20-30 years. We begin by (i) introducing key population characteristics including total population, growth, regional growth and population density; and (ii) learn about fertility, mortality and migration rates and how these all change during the demographic transition model; before (iii) learning about shifts in the UK’s demographic landscape in the last 20 years; and finally (iv) understand changes in ethnic diversity and composition in the UK and each of its devolved nations.

Characteristics of the UK Population

In the first lecture, we discuss the population characteristics of the UK, focusing on the results of the 2021 and 2022 censuses for different regions of the UK. We learn that despite population growth across the UK, that this growth has not been uniform, where certain areas such as the East of England have seen significant growth and notable declines in others. We also learn that population density varies between major cities like London and Birmingham and rural areas where population density is low.

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Dr Katherine Keenan

Dr Katherine Keenan

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