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Physics   >   Classical Mechanics – AQA (7408)

Introduction to Classical Mechanics

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Classical Mechanics – AQA (7408)

In this course, Professor Derek Raine (University of Leicester) explores classical mechanics, in particular Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, covering Topics 4.1.5 and 4.1.6 in the AQA A Level Physics (7408) Specification. In the first mini-lecture, we give an introduction to classical mechanics, discussing Newton’s motivations for developing this theory and learn about inertial states. In the second mini-lecture, we learn about Newton’s first law of motion (Topic 4.1.5). In the third mini-lecture, we explore Newton’s second law of motion (Topic 4.1.5). In the fourth mini-lecture, we discuss Newton’s third law of motion (Topic 4.1.5). In the fifth mini-lecture, we explore momentum as well as elastic and inelastic collisions (Topic 4.1.6).

Introduction to Classical Mechanics

In this mini-lecture, we introduce classical mechanics, focusing in particular on: (i) classical mechanics vs classical dynamics; (ii) Isaac Newton’s motivations for contributing to this area of physics; (iii) previous understandings of motion before classical mechanics was developed; and (iv) inertial states.

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Prof. Derek Raine

Prof. Derek Raine

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