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Christian Moral Principles

2. The Bible in Ethics and Politics

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In this module, we look at the role of the Bible in ethics and politics, focusing in particular on (i) the Bible and the process of canonisation (ii) the plurality of scripture and scriptural interpretation (iii) the effects of the Reformation (iv) varying political and religious interpretations of Matthew 22:2.


In this course, Dr Ulrich Schmiedel (University of Edinburgh) explores Christian moral principles, and the engagement between religion and politics. In the first module, we examine the role of religion in the public sphere and responses to the involvement of religion in politics throughout European history. In the second module, we investigate the relationship between the Bible, ethics and politics and the role of scriptural interpretation. In the third module, we look at varying approaches to theological ethics and a theological understanding of heteronomy, autonomy and theonomy. In the fourth lecture we explore the role of Christians in a pluralist society, before finally coming to political theological discourse in the work of Dorothee Sölle.


Dr Ulrich Schmiedel is a lecturer in Theology, Politics and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh. His research combines systematic theology with both sociology of religion and philosophy of religion. His recent books include The Spirit of Populism: Political Theologies in Polarized Times (2021) and Terror und Theologie: Der religionstheoretische Diskurs der 9/11-Dekade (2021)

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