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Chemistry   >   Carbonyls and Amines


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Carbonyls and Amines

In this course, Dr Danny Allwood (Sheffield Hallam University) introduces two closely related types of organic compounds: carbonyls and amines. Carbonyls and amines are used widely in industry, biology, and research, so it is crucial to understand their chemical properties. We begin by (i) naming and defining the chemicals and reactions we need to know related to carbonyls and amines; (ii) the structures, properties, and reactions of aldehydes and ketones; (iii) the structures, properties and reactions of carboxylic acids and esters; (iv) the structures, properties and reactions of acyl chlorides and amides; and finally (v) amines.


In this short first mini-lecture, carbonyls and amines are introduced and classified. We are given some examples of each of the types of compounds we will learn about in proceeding lectures, as well as the reactions involving carbonyls and amines.

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Dr Danny Allwood

Dr Danny Allwood

Sheffield Hallam University