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Augustine on Human Nature

3. The Fall

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In this module, we analyse Augustine’s views on the Fall in relation to human nature, focusing particularly on (i) the theological and scriptural foundations of Augustine’s ideas about human nature (ii) the Fall of Adam and Eve, and the mysteriousness of the origins of sin (iii) Adam and Eve’s nature prior to the Fall, and their seduction by forces of evil (iv) the effects of original sin on Adam and Eve: shame, division from one another and God, and individual and societal disharmony (v) the effects of original sin on humanity.


In this course Professor Lewis Ayres (Durham University) explores St. Augustine of Hippo’s views on human nature. In the first module, we introduce Augustine’s views on the experience of human nature, as told through his major works ‘The City of God’ and his ‘Confessions’. After that, we look at Augustinian ideas about the freedom of the will, and the effects of the Fall on the desires of the will. In the third module, we delve deeper into the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve, and look at how original sin shapes Augustine’s views on humanity after the Fall. We then move on to examine the power of God’s grace, to restore true human nature in an ongoing process. In the fifth module, we look at how we might interpret Augustine today, in a secular world, with a new scientific understanding of the evolutionary origins of humanity. Finally, we explore a bit beyond the curriculum, and think about Augustine’s views on desire and human relationships.


Professor Lewis Ayres is a lecturer in Catholic and Historical Theology at Durham University. His research interests are in Trinitarian theology in Augustine and in the Greek writers of the fourth century. His publications include Augustine and the Trinity (2010), and Nicaea and Its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth Century Theology (2004).

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