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Introduction to Aristophanes and Athens

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In this course, Dr Rosie Wyles (University of Kent) provides a critical study of three plays of Aristophanes – The Acharnians (425 BC), The Knights (424 BC) and Peace (421 BC) – in their theatrical, religious, social, and political context. In particular, we explore the presentation of a few of many real Athenians that appear in the play (e.g. Cleon, Lamachus, Demosthenes, Nicias), before considering the presentation of war, ritual and festivals across all three plays.

Introduction to Aristophanes and Athens

In this module, we provide a basic chronology of the three plays in question (Acharnians, Knights, Peace), including the Athenian festivals at which each was performed, how well each play was received when it was first performed, as well as the precise historical context of each play.

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Dr Rosie Wyles

Dr Rosie Wyles

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