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Plato's Influence

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Ancient Philosophical Influences: Plato

In this course, Professor Lewis Ayres (University of Durham) explores Plato’s Influence on the Philosophy of Religion and Christianity. In the first module, we consider the idea of influence, and the context of Plato’s life and work. In the second module, we explore some of the major themes in Plato’s dialogue the Timaeus. In the third module, we look at Plato’s reflections on the forms, and their significance to his philosophical worldview. In the fourth module, we examine the reception of Plato’s work in Judeo-Christian thought, and the relationship between Platonic and religious traditions.

Plato's Influence

In this module, we explore the notion of influence and Plato as a figure, focusing in particular on (i) the conquest of Alexander the Great, and spread of Greek influence across the empire (ii) Plato’s influence on Hellenistic Judaism (iii) the influence of Socrates in Plato's life and work (iv) the significance of Plato’s use of dialogue (v) allegory and myth in Plato.

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Prof. Lewis Ayres

Prof. Lewis Ayres

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