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Naming and Drawing

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In this short course, Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin (University of Sussex) introduces alkenes: organic compounds which contain a C=C double bond. We begin by: (i) their formulas, discussing how they can be made, and some of their reactions; then (ii) looking at cracking of alkanes into smaller alkanes and alkenes; before finally (iii) looking at how alkenes can polymerise via addition polymerisation.

Naming and Drawing

In the first mini-lecture, Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin introduces alkenes by first giving the key characteristics of an alkene, as well as the general formula. the structures of simple alkenes you might encounter. Here the C=C double bond is shown in molecules of ethene, propene, butene, pentene, as well as structural and stereoisomers of butene. We then move on to some of the reactions you will come across with alkenes in your studies, such as the reactions with hydrogen halides, halogens, hydrogen, and the oxidation of alkenes as well.

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Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin

Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin

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