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Mathematics   >   Algebra and Functions I – OCR (H240)

Indices – 1.02a

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Algebra and Functions I – OCR (H240)

In this course, Dr Niki Kalaydzhieva (UCL) explores algebra and functions, covering Topics 1.02a, 1.02b, 1.02e, 1.02f, and 1.02k in the OCR A Level Mathematics A (H240) Specification. In the first mini-lecture, we recall how to used indices and the index laws (Topic 1.02a). In the second mini-lecture, we work with fractional and negative indices (Topic 1.02a). In the third mini-lecture, we practice expanding brackets and factorising (Topics 1.02e, 1.02k). In the fourth mini-lecture, learn how to factorise quadratic expressions (Topic 1.02e, 1.02k). In the fifth mini-lecture, we factorise cubic and quartic expressions before learning the difference of squares method (Topic 1.02f). In the sixth mini-lecture, we introduce surds (Topic 1.02b). In the seventh mini-lecture, we learn how to rationalise the denominator (Topic 1.02b).

Indices – 1.02a

In this mini-lecture, we introduce Topic 1.02a by recalling index laws. In particular, we consider: (how to use index notation to simplify expressions; (ii) the laws of indices and examples using these laws; and (iii) why the index laws work.

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