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Mathematics   >   Algebra and Functions I – AQA (7356)

Indices – B1

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Algebra and Functions I – AQA (7356)

In this course, Dr Niki Kalaydzhieva (UCL) explores algebra and functions, covering Topics B1, B2, B3, and B6 in the AQA AS Mathematics (7356) Specification. In the first mini-lecture, we recall how to used indices and the index laws (Topic B1). In the second mini-lecture, we work with fractional and negative indices (Topic B1). In the third mini-lecture, we practice expanding brackets and factorising (Topics B3, B6). In the fourth mini-lecture, learn how to factorise quadratic expressions (Topics B3, B6). In the fifth mini-lecture, we factorise cubic and quartic expressions before learning the difference of squares method (Topic B3). In the sixth mini-lecture, we introduce surds (Topic B2). In the seventh mini-lecture, we learn how to rationalise the denominator (Topic B2).

Indices – B1

In this mini-lecture, we introduce Topic B1 by recalling index laws. In particular, we consider: (how to use index notation to simplify expressions; (ii) the laws of indices and examples using these laws; and (iii) why the index laws work.

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