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Attachment – Psychological Theories

In this course, Dr Emily Burdett (University of Nottingham) discusses psychological theories of attachment, the close emotional bond formed between two individuals. We begin, in module one, by thinking about John Bowlby’s research on the ...

6 lectures


Dr Emily Burdett

Nottingham University


Relationships – Virtual and Parasocial Relationships

In this course, Dr Martin Graff (University of South Wales) explores virtual relationships. In the first lecture, we think about self-disclosure and how it differs between in-person disclosure and online disclosure. In the second lecture, we think...

5 lectures


Dr Martin Graff

University of South Wales


Forensic Psychology – Behavioural Explanations for Offending

In this course, Honorary Professor Dr Geraldine Akerman (Cardiff Metropolitan University) explores behavioural explanations for offending, contextualised in the experiences of a forensic psychologist working with people in prison and secure...

6 lectures


Dr Geraldine Akerman

Cardiff Met University

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