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Introduction to Special Relativity

In this course, Professor David Griffiths (Reed College) gives an introduction to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. In the first mini-lecture, we discuss Einstein’s two postulates of Special Relativity — the principle of relativity and the...

5 lectures


Prof. David Griffiths

Reed College


Semiconductors in the Information Age

In this course Professor Oleg Makarovskiy (University of Nottingham) explores semiconductors and their relevance in the current Information Age. In the first mini-lecture, we introduce the ages of human advancement, from the Stone Age up until the...

6 lectures


Prof. Oleg Makarovskiy

Nottingham University


Using Gravitational Waves to Measure the Expansion of the Universe

In this course, Professor Martin Hendry (University of Glasgow) discusses how we can use gravitational wave detections to help us refine our measurement of the expansion rate of the Universe. In the first mini-lecture, we introduce gravitational...

5 lectures


Prof. Martin Hendry

Glasgow University


Relativistic and Quantum Cryptography

In this course, Professor Adrian Kent (University of Cambridge) explores relativistic and quantum cryptography. In the first mini-lecture, we introduce the key principles in the Special Theory of Relativity and in Quantum Theory that are needed to...

6 lectures


Prof. Adrian Kent

University of Cambridge


Atomic Clocks

In this course, Professor David Wineland (University of Oregon) discusses atomic clocks. In the first mini-lecutre, we compare traditional and modern methods of navigation, where we see that precision in a clock’s ‘tick rate’ is essential for...

4 lectures


Prof. David Wineland

University of Oregon


Testing Gravity

In this course, Professor Jens Gundlach (University of Washington) explores gravity, in particular, gravity experiments. In the first mini-lecture, we give an overview of how our understanding of gravity and the Universe has evolved from ancient...

5 lectures


Prof. Jens Gundlach

University of Washington

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