Philosophy & Religious Studies

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Philosophy & Religious Studies

Death and the Afterlife

In this course Dr Chris Deacy (University of Kent) explores death and the afterlife. In the first module, we think about some questions raised by the fact of death and the prospect of an afterlife. After that, we look at the role of Heaven,...

6 lectures


Dr Chris Deacy

Kent University

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Anthropomorphic and Gender Specific Language about God

In this course, Dr Rebekah Dyer (University of St Andrews) explores debates around anthropomorphic and gender specific language about God. In the first module we focus on anthropomorphic language in the Bible and the Christian tradition, and how...

5 lectures


Dr Rebekah Dyer

University of St Andrews

Philosophy & Religious Studies

The Nativity Stories

In this course, Dr James Carleton Paget (University of Cambridge) discusses the birth narratives of Jesus in the accounts of Matthew and Luke. In the first lecture, we provide a summary of the birth stories presented in Matthew and Luke, and...

5 lectures


Dr James Carleton Paget

University of Cambridge

Philosophy & Religious Studies


In this course, Dr Susannah Ticciati (King’ College London) explores resurrection in Christian thought. In the first module we focus on the finality of the resurrection. In the second module, we examine individuality with special focus on the...

5 lectures


Professor Susannah Ticciati

King's College London

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