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World War I: Causes and Origins, 1815-1914

In this course, Dr Sascha Auerbach (University of Nottingham) explores the causes and origins of the First World War. The course begins with a broad overview of Europe in the nineteenth century, as Europe moved from co-operation in the first...

6 lectures


Dr Sascha Auerbach

Nottingham University


International Relations in Europe, 1914-39

In this course, Professor David Stevenson (London School of Economics) explores international relations in Europe in the period 1914-39. We begin by thinking about the origins of the First World War and the extent to which each of the major...

6 lectures


Prof. David Stevenson

London School of Economics


The USA and Japan, 1941-52

In this course, we explore the relationship between the United States and Japan between the attack on Pearl Harbour to the San Francisco Peace Conference and the end of US occupation of Japan. In six modules, we explore the relationship...

6 lectures


Dr Christopher Harding

Edinburgh University

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