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The French Revolution, 1789-99

In this course, we explore one of the most important events in world history, the French Revolution. We begin by looking at politics and society in 18th-century France, exploring the Absolutism of the French monarchy and the Ancien Regime. After...

6 lectures


Dr Tom Stammers

Durham University


The French Revolution, 1789-99

In this course, Professor Dave Andress (University of Portsmouth) considers eight key questions related to the French Revolution of 1789-99: (1) Did Louis XVI ever try to make the Constitutional Monarchy work? (2) To what extent did the National...

8 lectures


Prof. David Andress

Portsmouth University


Napoleon, 1795-1815

In this course, Professor Michael Broers (University of Oxford) thinks about one of the most influential figures in European history: Napoleon Bonaparte. In the first module, we explore Napoleon's rise to power between 1795-99, before moving on in...

4 lectures


Prof. Michael Broers

University of Oxford

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