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Britain - The American War of Independence, 1775-83

In this course, Professor Jeremy Black (University of Exeter) explores Britain’s involvement in the American War of Independence. In the first module, we look at the causes of the American War of Independence, looking in particular at tensions...

6 lectures


Prof. Jeremy Black

Exeter University


US History – The Articles of Confederation, 1777-87

In this course, Professor Woody Holton (University of South Carolina) examines the Articles of Confederation to explain how this precursor government developed and changed as a result of the Revolutionary Period. In the first module, we examine...

5 lectures


Prof. Woody Holton

University of South Carolina


US History – Movement in the Early Republic, 1754-1800

In this course, Professor Stephen Rockwell (St. Joseph's College, New York) explains how and why migration and immigration to and within North America caused competition and conflict over the period 1754-1800. We start by looking at immigration to...

6 lectures


Prof. Stephen Rockwell

St. Joseph's College, New York

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