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British India, 1601-1947

This course provides a comprehensive history of British India. After an introduction to the geography, climate, and people of the Indian subcontinent, we explore how a private company, the East India Company, came to administer a whole country. A...

7 lectures


Dr Christopher Harding

Edinburgh University


The End of the British Empire, 1945-1968

In this course, Dr Simon Potter (University of Bristol) explores the final decades of the British Empire, from the end of the Second World War in 1945 to Britain’s withdrawal of troops “East of Suez”, announced by Harold Wilson in...

6 lectures


Dr Simon Potter

Bristol University


The High Noon of Empire, 1815-1902

In this course, Dr Sascha Auerbach (University of Nottingham) explores the ‘high noon’ of the British Empire, beginning with the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, and closing with the end of the Second Boer War in 1902. As we move...

6 lectures


Dr Sascha Auerbach

Nottingham University


The Origins of the British Empire, 1500-1700

In this course, Professor Michael Braddick (University of Sheffield) explores the origins of the British Empire between 1500-1700. In the first module, we provide some thoughts on how we as historians can best approach such a complex historical...

6 lectures


Prof. Michael Braddick

Sheffield University

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