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The German Reformation, 1517-63

In this course, Professor Beat Kümin (University of Warwick) explores the German Reformation. He begins by looking at the causes of the Reformation, before thinking about the role of Martin Luther himself, wider socio-cultural consequences, the...

5 lectures


Prof. Beat Kümin

Warwick University


The Reformation in Europe, 1522-64

In this course, Professor Alec Ryrie (University of Durham) explores the Reformation in Europe from the rise of Zwingli in the 1520s to the death of Calvin in 1564. In the first module, we think about the expansion of Lutheranism...

6 lectures


Prof. Alec Ryrie

Durham University


John Wycliffe and the Lollards, 1350-1500

In this course, Professor John Arnold (University of Cambridge) explores the theology of John Wycliffe and the heretical movement which he inspired known as Lollardy. In the first module, we think about the life and times of John Wycliffe himself,...

6 lectures


Prof. John Arnold

University of Cambridge


The Catholic Reformation, c.1500-1650

In this course, Professor Simon Ditchfield (University of York) explores the Catholic Reformation. We begin by thinking about approaches to the period, focusing in particular on the various terms that historians have used to describe the reforms...

6 lectures


Prof. Simon Ditchfield

York University

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