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Government & Politics

Voting Behaviour

In this course, Professor Peter Dorey (Cardiff University) explores various aspects of voting behaviour. In the first module, we think about voting behaviour in terms of class and partisan alignment and dealignment. After that, in the second...

6 lectures


Prof. Peter Dorey

Cardiff University

Government & Politics

Politics and the Media

In this course, Dr Richard Heffernan (Open University) thinks about the relationship of the modern media to British politics. We begin in the first module by thinking about the indispensability of the media in all its forms to the enactment of...

5 lectures


Dr Richard Heffernan

Open University

Government & Politics

Pressure Groups and Lobbying

In this course, Professor Wyn Grant (University of Warwick) explores the importance of pressure groups and lobbying in the UK political system. In the first module, we think about the history of pressure groups and how they have changed over time,...

5 lectures


Prof. Wyn Grant

Warwick University

Government & Politics

How Democratic is the UK?

In this course, Professor Andrew Blick (KCL) asks how truly democratic the UK is in practice. In the first lecture, we explore the origins of democracy and its importance to the modern UK, orienting our discussion around two aspects of democracy:...

6 lectures


Professor Andrew Blick

King's College London

Government & Politics

The US Party System

This course explores the US Party System, oriented around the US Politics section of the Government and Politics A-Level specifications. Throughout, we analyse voter statistics from the 2020 election, and refer to several useful examples from the...

6 lectures


Dr Mark McLay

Glasgow University

Government & Politics

Rob Burley on Politics and the Media

This course takes the form of a series of questions put to Rob Burley, a political journalist and former Editor of the BBC’s live political programmes. In the first module we ask, “Do traditional media sources continue to play a role in shaping...

10 lectures


Mr Rob Burley

Political Media

Government & Politics

The Voting Age Debate

In this course, Dr Andrew Mycock (University of Huddersfield) explores the debate around lowering the voting age to 16 in the UK. In the first module, we discuss the history of voting age reform in the UK, beginning with the 1832 Reform Act and...

5 lectures


Dr Andrew Mycock

Huddersfield University

Government & Politics

Women in Congress

In this course, Dr Tessa Ditonto (Durham University) explores the representation of women in the United States Congress. In the first module, we explore women’s representation in the US Congress, focusing in particular on the history of women’s...

3 lectures


Dr Tessa Ditonto

Durham University

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