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Government & Politics


In this course, Professor Jeremy Jennings (King’s College London) thinks about the history of socialism from its origins to the present day. We begin in the first module with the French Revolution which set the European precedent for political...

5 lectures


Prof. Jeremy Jennings

King's College London

Government & Politics

Political Ideas – Giddens and the Third Way

In this course, Dr Matt Dawson (Glasgow University) explores the political ideas of Anthony Giddens. We begin with some context on the life and works of Anthony Giddens, before moving on in the second lecture to explore the history of socialism...

6 lectures


Dr Matt Dawson

Glasgow University

Government & Politics

Political Ideas – Ayn Rand

In this course, Dr Neil Cocks (University of Reading) explores the life, works, and core ideas of Ayn Rand. In the first module, we are introduced to the controversial figure of Ayn Rand and consider her influence on contemporary political life....

6 lectures


Dr Neil Cocks

Reading University

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